Chrysler Town & Country

In 1946 Chrysler delegated wood trim to their passenger car line rather than the station wagons. The white ash and mahogany gave the Town & Country an all new look. It was big, impressive and expensive, and totally deserving of its nickname, "Land Yacht". The body style was used from 1946 through early 1949 and the convertible models were considered the best looking of the Chrysler Woodies.

There were 8,375 cars built during those three plus years, and there are approximately 400 listed in the national Registry of the Post War Town & Country Convertibles.

After Knot Rods was featured in the "Art & Automobilia" section of the February, 2013 issue of Hemmings Motor news Classic Car Magazine, we were commissioned to design and build an Artistic Rendition of this Town & Country Woodie. We consider this gorgeous car a significant and valuable addition to our line up. For more information on the Knot Rod Town & Country, please visit the Limited Edition page.

Approximate dimensions:

Length: 13-3/8”
Width: 5-3/4”
Height: 4”