During the process of developing our Deluxe Woodie, the idea came to us that we should offer a surfboard & rack to accompany it.  It has since become an important & very popular accessory not only for our Woodies, but most body styles of Knot Rods. It is a rare case when we sell a Woodie without a surfboard.

Our Woodies can comfortably accommodate up to three surfboards. We have also created a short board that looks great in the bed of a pickup!

Surfboards can be made out of any of the same beautiful woods that Knot Rods are made of. The design resembles the old wooden longboards of the era. They are made using a lamination process & two or three contrasting hardwoods. We make a wide variety of designs, all with a single skeg.

Each surfboard order, if purchased with a car, includes a rack that will rest on top of a Deluxe Woodie or several other Knot Rods. Racks are made of a matching hardwood.



Other popular uses for our surf boards:

  • Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Rear View Mirror Ornament
  • Pocket Pal
  • Ice Cream Spoon :)
  • Wall Art Display
  • Desk Art Display