What really makes each car a unique & individual object is the character of the wood. Even a casual look will reveal that no two Knot Rods are alike. Set any two Knot Rods of the same body style next to each other - they will cast the same shadow, but they’ll have completely different personalities. To enhance each car’s natural beauty, we hand-select & match each piece of wood.

Searching for that wood is part of my planning & design work. Finding charactered, figured or any unique woods that I can create a piece from is a challenging part of my craft. Once procured, the design work takes careful consideration to make sure that the colors and character of the chosen woods are best displayed in the body style selected. Sometimes the wood chooses the model of the car it will ultimately be by the very placement of those unique characteristics. Significant time is put into this part of my design to make sure that the finished piece will have unique character on prominent display.

There is much hand inlay work on each Collector Car also, such as grill shell & ribs, running boards, and hood louvers. This inlay work is done using woods that are compatible in color to bring out the colors and contrast in the body of the car without overstatement.Wheels are made entirely by me, also in differing styles, colors and types of woods to compliment the cars.

Some of the unique figured woods we’ve used to build Knot Rods include: Black Walnut, Hickory, Cherry, Quartered Oak, Oak, Birch, Mineral-Stained Poplar, Maple, Spalted Maple, Maple Ambrosia, Bay Laurel, Padauk, Purple Heart & Oregon Myrtle wood.

We have in our inventory of highly figured woods a good supply of Black Walnut and most notably, some 'Fiddle Back' Oregon Myrtle that has been hidden away in storage for an unbelievable 85 years! It is my belief that the color and intense figure in this Myrtle is no longer obtainable anywhere.


We look forward to opportunities to build Knot Rods out of as many unique hardwoods as we can.