What is a KnotRod?

A Knot Rod is an entirely handcrafted wooden Collector Car built in approximately 1:16 scale, to resemble a real car in style and proportion. My favorite subjects, as you will probably recognize, have been the early '30s Fords, and in particular, Woodies. What could be better that building Woodies out of wood? They are only one of the eight original body styles, but are definitely the most challenging and detailed.

The number of steps to making an individual Collector Car are many, most times in excess of 100. Every piece that I create starts on paper. From those drawings, patterns and templates are created for making the individual pieces of the car I am envisioning. The parts are then cut out by hand using some stationary tools, various hand-held power tools, and many hand tools.

I do not use any computerized equipment. A significant number of the tools I learned woodworking on and still use to this day were handed down to me by my father. When each car is finish-sanded by hand and has been closely inspected, it is given four coats of top quality lacquer and then rubbed out to a glass smooth finish.

The evolution of Knot Rods has been very rapid, and yet, is still in its early stages. I started building wooden cars in the summer of 2010 as toys for my Grandkids. Within a year and a half, the toys were history and I was building signed and numbered Collectible Cars exclusively.

All previous commissions that we have done have been based on the Fords. Recently however, I completed a commission for a fellow classic car enthusiast of a 1948 Chrysler Town & Country Convertible Woodie. Adding this prestigious automobile to our line has raised the bar, opening a new door and helping to plot the course for the future of Knot Rods. The Town & Country was the next step in Knot Rods evolution, and is the subject of our first 'Limited Edition'. We are excited about the prospect of what car we will be doing next. Maybe it will be yours!