About Us

I am a retired furniture and cabinet maker, as was my father. I grew up playing in the sawdust. I began my apprenticeship as a wood worker under my Dad's tutelage at the age of 15. My grandfather was a wood carver and one of my prized possessions is a length of wooden chain that he carved from a single piece of wood in 1913.

I have always loved wood. I love the feel of it, the look of it, the character and individuality of each piece of it, and the countless ways wood can be used. Through the years I have built skateboards as a kid, and my daughter's first rocking horse as a young father. I have created dining room sets, mantles, hutches, rocking chairs, tables, dressers, entertainment centers and a hundred miles of cabinets in between.

I also love old cars. I drove a Model A to high school in the '60s and have had countless early '30s cars through the years, two of which I still own and drive. Now, add a seven year old grandson, Emerson, the oldest of my grandchildren, who asked me to build him a wooden car. Without knowing it, he inspired the creation of Knot Rods. Knot Rods are the culmination of my passions for both wood working and old cars. I've never had as much fun!

Susie, my wife of nearly 40 years is the glue that holds it all together. She is involved in all aspects of Knot Rods from design, selecting materials, putting the finishing touches on the cars in the shop, to manning our booth at Art and Car Shows. The dreaded office work also ends up falling in her lap. She takes great pleasure in helping me locate and pick out woods with exceptional character. I think the only thing she enjoys more is adding to her own collection of Knot Rods. She is known in the family as the head "Knot Rod Hoarder"! Susie proudly displays her many Knot Rods in bookcases in the living room of our home, and she is running out of space.

When I am not in my shop designing or creating Knot Rods, I enjoy spending time with our four wonderful kids, their spouses, and our nine Grandchildren! Salmon fishing is my constant tug in August and we love to go to Gold Beach, Oregon and enjoy time there. We also have a '34 Ford Coupe that begs to be driven in our lovely Sierra Foothills, and we do that as often as we can.